Fuzzy type in game theory

Last post I said “I think there are a lot of workers that fall into this category at least partially.”

Typing and classification in social sciences is often not mutually exclusive, and is rarely definitive. If it were, we wouldn’t have hierarchical clustering, machine learning, and regression models with categorical response variables. I’d like to know how well game theory, auction theory, and other type-dependent models generalize to fuzzy typing, even with a discretized scale of inclusion (i.e. “fully type 1”, “partially type 1”, “not at all type 1” instead of a [0,1] scale).

So naturally I searched something like “fuzzy type game theory” in Google, and found that a Mathematics MSc student at Iowa State wrote a thesis on the subject. There’s also a paper written by an economist and a mathematician at Louisiana State with a promising title.


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